Neville Goddard and the Awakened Imagination...

You could also say, "Harold and The Purple Crayon" (see blog post)

To us, the end of the long journey to the pinnacle of personal development and spiritual adulthood, culminates in the depth of the inner-vision of Neville's orations of the infinite. We have studied many teachings over many years pointing always back in the direction that Neville was pointing to anyway... and we are grateful for the contrast. We have integrated his work in our life and through our ConSOULting Practice for the purpose of creating more loving gods and goddesses in the world to join the Brotherhood of Awakened Humanity... with the knowledge that:

"Man should not stay man. His aim should higher be. For Gods will only Gods accept as company" (William Blake)

Neville says...

"We were subjected to this biological experience because no one can know of imagination who has not been subject to the vanities and limitations of the flesh, who has not taken his share of Son-ship and gone prodigal, who has not experimented and tasted this cup of experience; and confusion will continue until man awakes and a fundamentally imaginative view of life has been re-established and acknowledged as basic."

The foundation of Neville's message is delivered in 2 parts: 


THE LAW is based on the premise that:


Can you catch the mood of your fulfilled wish? How would you feel if you already had what you are desiring?

The statement above requires the knowing of what "Imagination" actually is to understand its
significance. This is exactly the quest of his 250+ transcribed lectures and many books reveal to the reader. In these pages, we have taken the time to distill the best of his quotes, stories, lectures and books for the reader to explore.

Reading Neville's material can be a discombobulating experience
at fist. He writes and speaks in a cryptic and mystical language that our every-day mind is unaccustomed to. People like how we talk about his work with them, but often tell us they do not connect to his writings and transcriptions. and halt their exploration of it.

Most of my own dissonance with his message comes from the way he uses the words, "God" "Christ" "Jesus" "David" "Lord". He does explain that if you read the New Testament and replace the word, "Christ" with the word, "Imagination"... the Bible would give you a lot clearer picture of what it is trying to teach you. He also directs us to look at all the names in the bible as "States of Consciousness", like a list of characters in a play. And individual man will play every part before the play is over. Shakespeare had it right... "All the world's a stage". Perhaps it would have been easier for me if he would have just switched the words himself, but I  feel it made my mind stretch in beneficial ways.

His work before 1959 was centered around what he called 'The Law', which is most easily described as the Law of Attraction that most people are now familiar with, but is MUCH more in-depth in its scope and is really more about allowance and a form of transformational Forgiveness called "Revision".


In 1959 he had a series of mystical, psychic experiences which revealed to him what the 'End Game' is... which he calls, "The Promise". Where The Law deals with the psychic mechanics of existence, The Promise is the "WHY?" of it all. And he equates his experiences with the New Testament characters in the Bible... Mainly, Jesus, Peter, and the mystical "David" of the old testament.

Neville describes his Revelation as coming in four separate visions over 1,260 days that mystically parallel the four gospel stories. The first is being born from within(or above) squeezing out of the tomb (skull) in the presence of three witnesses. The second is when "David" stands in front of you and calls you "Father". David is the personification of all of humanity (Past,Present, Future)  and when he calls you 'Father" and you know its true, only then do you know your true identity. The third comes as the "Splitting of the Temple" when your body is split in two and the swirling energy, of what could be termed 'Kundalini', rises to the head and enlightens the mind. The Fourth is "The Decent of the Dove".  It is fascinating to explore this but I have to say his lectures are a little hard to follow... so press on!

I consider myself the foremost authority(LOL!) of his work because I have probably read more of it, over and over, than any other human being. This is not Bragging Rights at all. My compulsion for the reading only shows how ignorant and ingrained my brain programming is/was. I knew in the depth of my soul his work was important. I could FEEL it deeply... but my conscious mind had a hard time understanding the words and giving meaning to the message. We will try to summarize in our own words some of the more radical and transformative concepts in the spaces below.

So, InJoy the work and reap its rewards as it is now infused with the feeling of understanding from the depth our our shared Imagination!

"You may feed your hunger by thinking OF your desire, or feed its satisfaction by thinking FROM its fulfillment"

Neville shows the power of imagination and how to exercise it in love. The conscious, loving use of human imagination is the course-work here in the Earth-school.

"Through Imagination man escapes from the limitations of the senses and the bondage of reason"

The main focus of this exercise in imagination, is matching one's inner-language and mental activity to one's fulfilled desire. Your inner activity and language is already matching your world... your current reality. Take a close look at your mental activity and you will see this to be true. If you say your inner dialog is a result of your circumstances, then you are surely lost. This is the fundamental secret that few understand. Change your concepts and your inner dialog and see what happens! If you are currently lacking in health or finances, chances are that your inner talking is centered around this lack. Once you notice this, the challenge is creating and using a new language and inner dialog that matches your fulfilled desire. What would you be saying to yourself if you already were healthy or wealthy?
What would people be saying to you? What would you be doing, feeling... what would be your mood?

"Become a drinker and Eater of the Ideals You Wish to Realize"

"Fancy assembles... continuous imagination fuses"

Wishing for something assembles it in the mind’s eye but places you in the consciousness of not having it. Knowing that this is true, you can see that all people are simply objectifying different states of consciousness. Therefore it is important to:

"Distinguish states from individuals in those states. States change but Individual Identities never change nor cease... The Imagination is not a state... It is the human existence itself. Affection or Love becomes a state when divided from imagination."

Think of the names in the old testament as a list of all the states of consciousness in the earth-play. Like a list of the characters in a play. Which one are you playing now?

What is Material Substance?

"Material Substance is but the shadow of the Imagination that brought it about."

"Facts always follow, they NEVER precede"

The scientific, logical mind has a hard time with this fact and it is that mind that keeps us in bondage.

What is Imagination?

"There is nothing that appears in perception which cannot be duplicated in fancy, and what the world perceives is all imaginative in character. Here is a graphic example: I am sure everyone knows what it is to detect the fragrance of a rose. Now smell is a chemical sense and depends upon contact for
perception. But does one really need a rose to detect its fragrance? Cannot its fragrance be reproduced imaginatively?  Having smelled an Easter lily, can you not discriminate between the smell of a rose and a lily, imaginatively? Then they do not exist independent of you, but live on some level (or levels) of your imagination! Can you call upon your memory of an experience of long ago, bring it back, and duplicate it in fancy? If so, then this world is no different from your imaginal one!
I urge you to use your own wonderful creative power and deliberately move into the state of your choice. Make it now by occupying the state long enough so that it feels natural. Haven't you had a suit of clothes that felt so new you were conscious of them every moment? I know when I bought my first suit I walked down Fifth Avenue thinking everyone I passed knew my suit was new. People passing paid no attention to me, but I was so aware, so conscious of my new suit. That's exactly what happens when you move into a new state. If the state of affluence is new, you think everyone knows it, but no one knows or cares whether you are rich or poor, so walk in the state until it becomes natural. The moment the feeling is natural, wealth is yours!"

"Because you didn't come here to make the choice, you've already made it. You're here to try to understand *why* you made it." The Oracle to Neo in the movie 'The Matrix'